Daltons BioGro Certified Potting Mix

Available Quantities:
Bulk, 15L and 40L bags.



Where BioGro certification is required or 100% organic products are preferred. Daltons BioGro Certified Potting Mix provides the ideal growing medium for all plants both indoor and outdoor - in pots, tubs, troughs and containers. It contains NuFert® Slow Release fertiliser, for improved plant growth and vigour.


An all purpose BioGro Certified Potting Mix produced using the very best naturally composted Pinus Radiata bark, the finest South Island peat and 7mm pumice. Nutrition is supplied via the revolutionary slow release fertiliser NuFert®. Trichobuild® is added to maximise disease suppression.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains New Zealand Pine Bark Fines
  • Contains slow release nutrient supply from NuFert® for up to 3 months
  • Ideal structure for container growing
  • Certified organic
  • BioGro New Zealand Certified (Number: 3589)
  • Soil food web analysis available on request
  • Subjected to Daltons Quality Assurance programme.